【October 2019 No.404】A Visit with Kyodan Missionaries in Brussels and Cologne

by Nishinosono Michiko, chair Commission on Ecumenical Ministries

From June 4 through June 8, 2019, I was given the opportunity to visit Rev. Kawakami Yasushi and Rev. Kawakami Masaki, missionaries to the Japanese Language Protestant Church in Brussels, and Rev. Sasaki Ryoko, a missionary to the Cologne-Bonn Japanese Protestant Church, to inquire about their work and to pray with them.


Due to various circumstances, I had a very rushed schedule of only two days in the middle of this time slot to accomplish my mission, but I was able to visit the two countries of Belgium and Germany during this period. Actually, a one-way trip from Brussels to Cologne by express train takes a little less than two hours. From Noda Church, where I am presently appointed in Japan, traveling to Nishi Chiba Church for the Chiba District Assembly seems even “further.” European national boundaries can be crossed by plane or express train in one and a half to two hours to go to places where different languages are also spoken, and I realized anew that this is Europe.


On Wednesday afternoon I met missionary Sasaki Ryoko in Cologne and found that her health has been stable since her discharge from the hospital. I learned that she has been making good relationships not only with church members but also with Japanese residents of Cologne, so it appears that the possibilities for evangelism are broadening, beginning with house meetings and various other things that are being tried.


I met with the Kawakamis for lunch on Wednesday and again on Thursday afternoon. They gave me a tour of the church being borrowed for Sunday worship services and their parsonage and told me about their missionary activities in that area and their aspirations for the future. While I was there, Masaki received word of her father’s death, so for about a week from June 8, she hastily returned to Japan. I pray for God’s consolation.


Due to the frequent comings and goings of church members being transferred to other offices, the congregations in both Japanese language churches are small and face difficult situations. But despite that, there are persons fulfilling their life of faith as Japanese believers desiring to trust in God’s Word. Please remember and pray for their mission.

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