【October 2019 No.404】NCCJ Mission Conference Highlights Peace and Service

by Ishida Shinichiro, executive secretary

The Mission Conference organized by the National Christian Council in Japan (NCCJ) was held at the YMCA’s  Asia Youth Center and the Japan Christian Center, July 14-16. In attendance from the Kyodan were General Secretary Akiyama Toru, Executive Secretary Ishida Shinichiro, and Miura Hiroto, a member of Sendai Kita Church.  The NCCJ is made up of 30 member and associate-member churches and organizations.


The opening day’s 70th anniversary worship, which recalled the 70th  year celebration of its founding in 2018, was followed by a panel discussion on the theme “The Past, Present, and Future of the Ecumenical Movement.”  On the second day, there were reports from each section and committee, and separate sessions were held on the themes of mission, service, witness, and prayer and worship. The discussion topic of the Peace and Reconciliation Committee on East Asia, in which I participated, was “Japan’s Colonial Rule and North Korean Schools in Japan.” The People with Disabilities and the Church Committee’s topic was “People with Disabilities and Peace.” The Peace and Nuclear Issues Committee focused on the topics of “Aid for the Children of Chernobyl,” “The Issue of Nuclear Power Plants,” and “The Nuclear Weapon Problem.”


In the session on service that I attended, the meaning of service (diakonia) in the New Testament was affirmed, and participants talked about what they themselves are doing, such as the Kids’ Diner, feeding the homeless, volunteering after the 2015 flooding in Joso, Ibaraki Prefecture, and creating an ecumenical network to prepare for the major earthquake expected to hit the Tokyo area. It was stimulating to come into contact with the variety of ways Christians are living lives of service, starting with worship and extending to service to their neighbors.


On the third day, the NCCJ Mission Declaration 2019 was adopted. “The groaning of youth isolated in this ‘law of the jungle’ society,” “the cries for peace of an Okinawa that has been sacrificed,” “the cries of those exposed to nuclear threat,” “the cries of the women made into ‘comfort women’”—listening to all these and asking ourselves whether we have been able to be a neighbor to these women and men, the declaration states, “We declare here that we will be ‘the fellowship, the community (koinonia) of the Lord’, working for ‘God’s mission’.’’ (Tr. RB)


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