【October 2019 No.404】Romania, Site of Conference for Japanese Christians in Europe

by Park, Heon-Wook, member

Kyodan Commission on Ecumenical Ministries

The 36th Conference for Japanese Christians in Europe was held July 25-28 at the Grand Hotel Napoca in Cluj Napoca, the second-largest city in Romania. More than 200 Japanese Christians residing in Europe, together with other constituents of their churches and 30 to 40 of their children, participated in the event. The conference initially began after a Japanese church in Düsseldorf invited two nearby Japanese churches to join them in sponsoring such a conference once each year. The event has been held every year since that first meeting in 1983, each year attracting a broader group of participants than the previous year and from various denominations.


The theme for this year was: “Live as One who has been Liberated – The 30th Anniversary of the Liberation of East Europe in Romania.” This year was the first time the event had been held in an East European country. Citizens of the various countries represented, people who had been freed from oppression after the collapse of the East European communist countries’ regimes in 1989, were celebrating the 30th anniversary of their liberation this year. The planning committee’s efforts to create an opportunity for reexamining the meaning and challenges of freedom and liberation, while redefining the two within the context of faith, bore fruit as a result of invitations received from a Japanese missionary who has been serving in Romania for 30 years.


For the first time, the Kyodan Commission on Ecumenical Ministries sent Executive Secretary Kato Makoto and myself, a commission member, to participate in this conference. Although this annual event is an ecumenical conference, many of this year’s participants came from evangelical churches who encouraged the faith of other attendees through their passion for praise, testimony, prayer, and evangelism. Missionaries sent from Japan by the Commission on Ecumenical Ministries and their church members attend this conference and enjoy fellowship with the other participants every year.


As part of an optional two-night/three-day tour held after the conference, approximately 60 people participated in a tour of the Judetul Maramures region in Northwestern Romania, visiting the wooden churches and monasteries that symbolize the ancient orthodox faith. In addition, testimonies were given by three Japanese people at the Baptist Church’s Sunday evening service. One of the three, Rev. Kato Makoto, gave a powerful testimony about the hidden Christians and the persecution of Christians during World War II. He also shared the solidarity he felt with the Christians in Romania who had endured their own period of suffering and how that relates to our calling as Christians. (Tr. JM)


「ヨーロッパキリスト者の集い European Christian Conference」

報告 朴 憲郁 Park Heon Wook





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