【October 2018 No.399】4 Kyodan Youth Attend “I Love Taiwan” Mission Event

The “I Love Taiwan” (ILT) mission event, sponsored by the Youth Ministry Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT), was held again this year, July 4-21, with the theme “The Beginning.” The planning and operation of the ILT are all conducted by PCT youth, who began preparations for this event at the end of last year. Watching these energetic Taiwanese youth enjoy being involved in church activities leaves a deep impression on Japanese youth every year, and they return to Japan feeling somewhat envious of the fact that there is a place in the church for youth.

The original purpose of the ILT was for foreign-born youth with Taiwanese roots to return to Taiwan during their summer vacation to encounter God and Taiwan by serving at a local church. However, now the focus is on international and domestic youth worshiping together with the local church and serving each other in order to experience “the Lord’s extended family.” This year, 107 domestic and international youth from 11 countries gathered for the event.

The main part of the ILT was ten days of service at local churches. Participants were sent to churches all over Taiwan to work at summer camps. During the camps, overseas youth shared their culture, history, food, dance, and hymns. This year, some of the participants were sent to churches of the indigenous people of Taiwan, where they heard local church youth telling children about Inoue Inosuke, the first Japanese Christian to reach out to Taiwan’s indigenous people, and how he caused the PCT to begin to evangelize them.

What left a lasting impression on the participants was the tremendously warm and tender look on the faces of the Taiwanese church adults towards the youth and of the Taiwanese youth towards the children and the overseas youth. Some participants said they were reminded of Jesus’ teaching to love “the least of these” (Matt. 25:40) through the example of the look on the their faces.

Through its Committee on Taiwan Church Relations, the Kyodan has been sending youth to the ILT continuously since 2009. This year, through information-sharing sessions by past participants in the ILT and other overseas programs, the Commission on Ecumenical Ministries was able to send four young people to Taiwan: Kuboshima Yuki from Higashi Omiya Church, Shimo Makoto from Yamato Christian Church, Kobayashi Nanami from Ashiyahama Church, and Oyama Echika from Saemoonan Church. We are thankful for everyone’s prayers and support. (Tr. DB)

                  —Hironaka Yoshimi, staff  Commission on Ecumenical Ministries


 今年も台湾基督長老教会(以下PCT)青年委員会が主催するI Love Taiwan Mission(以下ILT)が「初αThe beginning」というテーマで7月4日—7月21日に行われた。ILTの企画、運営はすべてPCT青年主体で行われており、今回は昨年末から準備を始めていたそうだ。「教会活動に関わることが楽しく」て活き活きしている台湾青年の姿に、日本の青年は毎年感銘を受ける。そして、教会に青年たちの居場所があることに羨ましさを覚えて帰国する。





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