A University Equipping People to Serve

by Suzuki Yoshihide, principal of Keiwa College


Keiwa College was established in April 1991 as a university based on Christian educational principles for service to the local community and to the world at large. Since then, we have maintained these principles of education. The name “Keiwa” itself was chosen to reflect the principles of our institution: kei means “honor” or “respect,” which reflects our honor of God; wa means “peace” or “harmony,” which reflects our commitment to the creation and preservation of harmony and peace among people. In keeping with our principles, we are sending out men and women equipped to serve people, not things.


At Keiwa College, a commitment to a liberal arts education is one of our distinguishing features. By “liberal arts,” however, the emphasis is not simply on intellectual acquisition. It is also on application, experience, and an awareness of our neighbor. In other words, it is holding in common with the local community those problems that concern all of us. As people living in the 21st century, this is the starting point for a proper global perspective.


Keiwa College is a community developing within its local setting, and there is a larger community of people who value and support Keiwa College. We are educating men and women who come together in this setting to prepare for their journey into the future. (Tr. JS)


From Shinto no Tomo (Believers’ Friend) May 2013 issue



敬和学園大学長 鈴木佳秀

敬和学園大学はキリスト教主義、国際主義、地域主義を掲げつつ、1991年4月に建学され、以来、教育を主眼とした大学であり続けてきました。敬和学園という呼称は、神を敬い、人と 人の和を重んじる共生の精神から命名されましたが、その建学の精神や理念にのっとり、何かのために生きる人材ではなく、誰かのために 生きる人材を送り出しています。


敬和学園大学では、教養教育を前面に掲げた教育を特色としていま す。ここでいう「教養」とは、知識偏重ではなく、実践や経験、他者への思いやり等を重んじ、地域との密接な関係を維持しながら人々と の問題を共有することです。21世紀に生きる人間としてふさわしいグローバ ルな視点も、出発点はここにあるのです。

地域と共に生きようとする敬和学園大学と、そんな敬和学園大学を大 切に支えてくれる人々。こうした環境の中で自分と向き合い、未来への道を拓いていく学生を、私たちは育成しています。(信徒の友5月号)

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