Consultation Planned for Churches in Korea, Switzerland, Japan

Consultation Planned for Churches in Korea, Switzerland, Japan
In July 1967, the Kyodan formulated a mission agreement with three
Korean churches: The Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK), The Korean
Methodist Church (KMC), and The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK). This occurred shortly after the Kyodan publicly announced its “Confession of Responsibility during World War II” in March of that year.
After 1910, when the Japan-Korea Treaty was formulated with Japan’s annexation of Korea, Japanese churches basically went along with national policy. However, when the Japanese churches asked for forgiveness for the past in the “confession,” a new basis for fellowship was established. Ever since that time, many church conferences and exchanges have been held between the two countries, and in June 1992, a revised mission agreement was formulated. Article 5 of this agreement calls for the participation of a representative of the Korean Christian Church in Japan as an observer at any public meeting of the Kyodan and the three Korean churches. Five such conferences were held between 1988 and 1997.
In 1885, evangelical churches in Switzerland and Germany initiated
mission work in Japan through the General Evangelical Protestant
Missionary Society (AEPMV). In 1988, after the end of World War II, the Schweizerischer Evangelischer Kirchenbund (SEK) formulated a formal mission agreement with the Kyodan, and in 1993, in accordance with that agreement, a mission conference was held in Kyoto. Mission conferences between the three countries–Switzerland, Korea, and Japan–have been held in Switzerland (1995), in Korea (2002), and in Switzerland (2006).
Another such conference will be held July 5-8, 2011, this time in Tokyo,Japan. The main theme is “The Bond of Peace: one Body, one Spirit, one Hope.” (Eph. 4:3-4) The keynote speaker will be Kang Sang Jung ,professor of communications at the Graduate School of Tokyo University.The Kyodan’s Executive Committee is working on the program details. (Tr.RK)
  ―Ishimaru Yasuki, executive secretary
韓国・スイス・日本 三国間協議会計画
 韓国の三教会PCK(The Presbyterian Church of Korea), KMC(The Korean
Methodist Church), PROK(The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of
Korea)と教団(Kyodan)は、1967年7月、宣教活動のための協約を結んだ。それは、教団が1967年3月に「第二次大戦下における教団の責任の告白」Confession on the Responsibility during the World War Ⅱを発表した後のことである。
 1910年の日韓条約による併合に沿って日本の教会が国策に協力したことに対する謝罪がなされたことにより、新しい歩みの基点がしるされた。その後両国の教会協議と交流が重ねられ、1992年6月に改定された協約が結ばれた。この協約には、第五条に「教団と韓国三教会との公式会合には、常に在日大韓基督教会(Korean Christian Church in Japan)総会代表の陪席を要請する」の文言が記された。1988年から1997年まで、5回の韓日宣教協議会が開かれた。
二度の世界戦争の後、SEK(Schweizerischer Evangelischer Kirchenbund)は1988年宣教協約を教団と結んだ。1993年、協約に基づいて京都で宣教協議会が開かれた。
 次回は2011年日本で開かれる事が決まった。日程は7月5日(火)から8日(金)、場所は東京。主題は「平和の絆、一つの体、一つの霊、一つの希望(エフェソ4:3-4)」主題講演講師はKang Sang Jung東京大学大学院情報学。現在、同実行委員会ではプログラムの詳細を検討中である。

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