The General Secretary's Diary

Recently, a wide range of issues for discussion are arriving from various Kyodan churches to the general secretary’s desk from all over Japan. Among them, a common, ardent one is, “Please introduce a minister to us whom you would recommend as particularly fitting for our church.” The condition they want met is summed up in the following sentence: “As we have been faithfully keeping the tradition of the body of Christ as the holy catholic church, we absolutely do not wish to receive a minister who will offer communion to unbaptized persons.” With nearly no exception, this is the type of request received from all church consistories.?

As the general secretary, while seriously pondering the words of these pastoral search committees, I am strongly encouraged to know of these healthy, evangelical churches that have preserved the true faith coming out of the Reformation.?

If the majority of churches belonging to the Kyodan “preach the gospel grounded in the Bible, listen to the Word, correctly administer the sacraments (baptism and communion), and evangelize,” I believe that Kyodan churches will strongly be edified as “a covenant community of God and faith, which is the holy catholic church.”?

Recently, it is regrettable that while belonging to the Kyodan, there are ministers who do not take seriously the Kyodan Confession of Faith, disrupt the order of the church, and failing to respect the Rules of Church Order, administer communion to unbaptized persons. If this kind of minister wishes to be connected to the Kyodan, he/she should immediately restore order to the church, and if he/she takes seriously the unity and solidarity of the Kyodan, I would strongly recommend that incorrect practices be discontinued. (Tr. WJ)?


Naito Tomeyuki

Kyodan General Secretary?

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