Nine-day PCT-Kyodan "Youth Mission 2008" Held in Japan

The event? “Under the Lord’s Blessing, Youth Mission 2008,” was successfully

held July 31-Aug. 8 by Kyodan’s Committee on Edudation. There was good

fellowship between the seven young people from the Presbyterian Church in

Taiwan and the Japanese youth who participated.

The program began with a reception on July 31, and the next day, on Aug. 1,

we had the opening service. Afterwards we strolled through Harajuku, the

youth district of Tokyo. It was fun making gyoza (Chinese dumplings) for

dinner with young people who are members of the Student Christian

Fellowship. An evening lecture was given on “Japan’s Christianity and

Yokohama” as preparation for the following day’s study trip to Yokohama.

After a meditation session, everyone enjoyed a dance party. SCF members

presented yukata (a kind of summer kimono) to the visitors. On Aug. 2, we

visited the Yokohama churches referred to in the lecture given the previous

night. That evening, the youth from Taiwan headed to the churches assigned

to be their hosts, where they observed Sunday morning worship on Aug. 3.

On Aug. 4, we traveled to Osaka via the Shinkansen (bullet train) in the

morning, and spent the day sightseeing in Osaka. We moved on to the Mt.

Rokko YMCA, where the conference was held, Aug. 5-7. Under the theme of

“Walking Together with Our Lord,” we talked about God and about ourselves.

At the end of the conference, we prepared a candlelight service using our

own forms of worship, including holding hands in a circle, sharing

testimonies, and engaging in a drama based on the Bible-all to the praise of

God. At the end of the conference on Aug. 7 we went to Nara, where we

enjoyed the sights of this traditional city. The closing worship of Youth

Mission 2008 was held at Nara Takabatake Church. We had a good time with the

youth from Osaka District. We all enjoyed Nara cuisine. Then, on Aug. 8, we

sent off the visitors to Taiwan from Kansai International Airport.

Although only five Japanese youth participated in the whole schedule of the

event, the group from Taiwan had many encounters with Japanese young people.

We also received a warm welcome from a great many others. The Japanese youth

were impressed by the faith of the youth from Taiwan, and the nine-day

program was a precious and memorable event for them. We experienced the fact

that we are brothers/sisters sharing a common faith in our Lord Jesus

Christ. I would like to report with much gratitude that our Lord was with

us, protecting our health and encouraging our fellowship throughout those

nine days.?

The next session of the Youth Mission of the Kyodan and the Presbyterian

Church in Taiwan is scheduled to taken place in Taiwan in 2010. May God

continue to bless our Youth Mission program in the future. (Tr. HL)

?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Sato Tomoko, member

?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Youth Mission 2008 Committee

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