【December 2020 No.408】Recipients of United Church of Canada Donation Named

At the beginning of 2020, I was told by Global Mission Personnel Secretary Patti Talbot of the United Church of Canada that the church had disposed of a missionary property it owned in Japan and planned to donate funds to the Kyodan and other related bodies. Secretary Talbot intended to visit Japan in March to discuss the details, but her trip was canceled due to the corona virus. In June, Kyodan hosted a meeting via Zoom to share how, as much as possible, the various donated amounts could be used in ways of UCC’s intentions. We already understood these intentions to some degree since the United Church of Canada has historically maintained a supportive relationship, through prayer, of the Buraku Liberation Center and the Center for Minority Issues and Mission; but fortunately, through the meeting this time, the desires to be furthered by this donation became more clear.

Receiving advice from UCC missionary Robert Witmer, a plan was developed to designate use of the donated funds in four directions.

1. The Kyodan’s mission program. (1) Aid for the plan to create an Internet delivery studio adjoining the Kyodan Business Office, (2) Aid to continue the joint Canada Young Adult Camp, which could not be carried out this year due to the corona virus.

2. Humanitarian support and race activities. (1) Aid for the Ainu Peoples Resource Center’s child-learning center and the international interchange of indigenous peoples. (2) Aid for Okinawa Christian University’s program for sending a student overseas.

3. The East Asia peace-building program. (1) Aid for the Japan-Korea Joint Prayer Meeting, the Taiwan Ecumenical Forum, etc. (2) Aid for the project of sending and receiving students to other parts of Asia.

4. Rural evangelism. (1) Aid to the rural evangelism councils of the various Kyodan districts. (2) Aid for the Theological Seminary for Rural Mission.

Over a three-year period, the donated funds will amount to 76 million yen. (Tr. RT)

by Kato Makoto, executive secretary


ロバート・ウィットマー(Robert Witmer)宣教師のアドバイスをいただきつつ、4つの方向性を持つ献金使用プログラムが出来上がった。第一は教団の宣教プログラム支援である。事務局に隣接する形でインターネット配信用のスタジオを作る予定である。今年はコロナ禍で実行できなかったが、カナダ青年キャンプも継続の予定である。第二は人道支援と人権活動支援である。アイヌ民族情報センターには子供学習支援と原住民の国際交流を支援する。沖縄キリスト教学院大学の学生海外派遣のプログラムを支援します。第三は東アジアの平和構築プログラム支援です。日韓共同祈祷会や台湾エキュメニカルフォーラム等を支援し、アジアへの青年の派遣と受入れを企画し支援します。第四は農村宣教支援です。各教区が主催している農村伝道協議会や農村伝道神学校を支援します。3年間で献金総額は7,600万円になります。加藤 誠

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