【December 2019 No.405】Regional Meeting Addresses Impact of Empires and Mission Responses

The Taiwan Ecumenical Forum for Justice and Peace (TEF) was constituted and inaugurated by the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT), partner churches, and ecumenical organizations to work with the PCT on its mission concerns related to the transitional justice and internal isolation of Taiwan. In order to deepen solidarity in northeast Asia as well as to provide and to clarify the issues involved, the TEF Steering Group has highlighted the nature of empires and its impact on Taiwan.


The Northeast Asia Regional Meeting on the Impact of Empires and Mission Responses is a small group of experts from northeast Asia (namely South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan) whose aim is to discern the nature of international conflicts and national oppressive forces and to formulate common mission strategies and cooperation. This year the group met Oct. 11-14 in Shinjuku, Tokyo in the Kyodan Conference Room and the TKP Star Rental Conference Room. The 13 attendees were from Taiwan [6], the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) [3], Hong Kong [1], and the Kyodan [3]. The following speakers addressed the impact of empires and mission responses to that: Rev. Toru Akiyama (Kyodan), Rev. Dr. Jae Chon Lee (PROK), Mr. Ljavakaw Tjaljimaraw (PCT), and a professor from Hong Kong.


Unfortunately, as Typhoon Hagibis hit Tokyo Saturday evening, Oct. 12, the conference schedule was shortened. On Sunday morning, participants joined the worship service at Waseda Church, which is adjacent to the Kyodan office. One-eighth of the population of Shinjuku Ward in Tokyo is from overseas. PROK representatives were so glad to meet their church members at Waseda Church. A public meeting was scheduled to be held at Ephphatha Church in Shinjuku, Kameoka Ken, pastor of its Church introduced its history. It was a significant time for us to learn about the local church.

—Kato Makoto, executive secretary

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