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【April 2019 No.402】Preserving the Natural World God Made


by Miyana Koichiro, member, Kodaira Church,Nishi-Tokyo District Attendee, Hokkaido Nakashibetsu Church, Hokkai District Park Ranger Assistant Rausu Park Ranger's Office Ministry of the Environment

I am a person who loves to be immersed in the atmosphere of forests and rivers and have been working for four years as a park ranger assistant, referred to in Japanese as an “active ranger,” in the Ministry of the Environment’s Rausu Park Ranger’s Office at Hokkaido Shiretoko National Park. The Park Ranger’s work is carried out by public officials who protect the natural environment in national parks and other places. The main work for me, as an assistant, is to patrol the national parks on behalf of the Park Ranger, gathering information on such matters as the condition of facilities and disseminating it. I also do work connected with rare species of wild animals, such as the Blakiston’s fish owl.


I use the term “patrol,” but most areas are not accessible by motor vehicle within the 38,000 hectare Shiretoko National Park. Movement is almost entirely by walking; and maybe it’s not even an exaggeration to say that the work is walking—walking through the mountains, valleys, rivers, seashore, rock walls, thickets of bamboo grass bush and Siberian dwarf pine in the higher elevations, as well as walking where there are no paths. I would like to share two things I think about during those days of walking around Shiretoko.


My first thoughts are of Shiretoko National Park, the entire area of which is registered as a World Natural Heritage Site. In the park there are various living things in each of the highly diversified environments that extend from mountains rising 1,500 meters above sea level and continue to 2,000 meters below the surface of the deep sea. A world overflowing with these living things stretches from only one step outside the office, so there is no day when I am unaware of their existence. Of course I am aware of people, but my daily life is one that involves an awareness of living things other than humans. As a result, I have come to think that not only do I long to hand to the next generation a natural environment in good condition, a natural environment in the world created by God, I want to use the strength given to me for that purpose. Likewise, I have also begun to think that this work can be accomplished through the church.


It is written in Genesis 1:28 that God entrusted to humankind the rule over all living things other than humans. A concrete way of ruling is not specified, but I think the stance for this is revealed in the figure of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet. That is, within the system in which living things were created by God to carry out various purposes, we wholeheartedly, and with humility, provide the help they need. Proclaiming the good news to as many people as possible and living in service to one another is truly a magnificent thing. Isn’t it also required to include living things other than human beings in that affiliation?


My second area of thought is existence with a directed awareness of living things other than people. For this, it is necessary to have a calm and relaxed mind. It is difficult to live that way in person-to-person relationships, but furthermore, even thinking that way is completely thwarted without a relationship to God. After beginning my work, I was shown just how important it is to provide for a relationship of oneself to God. I began to realize that to continue this relationship, it is a rich blessing to have a set time for worship at the beginning of the week.


While I am walking around Shiretoko, time passes in an instant. Overwhelmed with business, exchanging ideas with various kinds of people, and sometimes in the midst of encountering a brown bear, physical and spiritual exhaustion accumulates. Then I realize how my awareness of working for the Lord has waned, how I have turned my back on the Lord during a mere week, in this very short period of time. In the midst of this realization, by welcoming worship on the Lord’s Day and in this hour having time to consider and review my relationship with the Lord, I am able to renew my commitment to work for the Lord from the bottom of my heart. A week begun in this way definitely overflows with good wisdom and, with a calm and relaxed mind, I can direct my attention to other persons and to living things as well.


Looking to the Lord, having been given a calm and relaxed mind, I have consideration for people and the existence of things other than people, and can live in mutual support. I think this is the way I want to live the life I have been given. (Tr. RT)


「20代の証し 仕事とわたし 神さまが創られた自然を支えるために」

宮奈光一郎(みやな  こういちろう)


東京・小平教会員 北海道・中標津教会出席








 主に目を向け、余裕を与えられて人と人以外の存在に配慮し、支え合って生きる。与えられた人生をそのように生きたいと思います。    (信徒の友2019年1月)

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