【December 2017 No.395】My Participation in the Kyodan’s Reformation Youth 500 Event (2)

by Arai Tomoki, 9th grade student Natori Church, Tohoku District


About 100 junior high school students took part in the camp this time. Including myself, three students from Tohoku District participated. And among the staff, one of the leaders was from Tohoku District.


At Karuizawa Megumi Chalet, where we stayed this time, the air was fresh; it was a place where any worrisome things would seem to be blown away, a place overflowing with God’s grace and seemingly nearest to the “Kingdom of God.”


The camp program was mostly of two types: “workshops” and “activities.” The “workshops” consisted of groups that focused on being a worship service leader, sign language worship, and doing plays from Bible stories, etc., where we prepared for and practiced the various aspects of the worship service scheduled for the third day. I was in charge of sign language worship, and we enjoyed practicing with the staff leader while learning sign language. At the worship service, we were able to do this in a way that conveyed the feeling of the Japanese hymn, “The Fragrant Breeze on Golgotha’s Hill.” For the “activity, ” I chose inside games, but as there were so few of us, we joined the film appreciation group. However, since all the participants other than myself were girls, the content became “ making accessories,” which was unfortunate. (Following this, we went for a walk to Kyu Karuizawa, so I was able to get a change in mood.)


In the worship services during the camp, we heard Rev. Shiotani Naoya and Rev. Horioka Makiko’s valuable talks, and in the evening, YURIE’s songs, which quieted my heart and gave me energy for the next day. In addition, we also discussed a variety of things with the leaders and students in the room where the “group meeting” was held. For the most part, we talked about small concerns as well as deeper concerns, such as whether we desired to receive baptism, and we had a really wonderful time.


Incidentally, the four members from Tohoku District wore Dokugan Ryu* (the One-Eyed Dragon) – Luther t-shirts, which we made. On the back was written “Reformation Youth 500 in Tohoku.” During the camp, these t-shirts were very popular with the leaders. I really want to take part in the March Youth Conference. (Tr. RT)


*The One-Eyed Dragon refers to the most famous samurai warrior in Tohoku, Date Masamune, who had a patch over his right eye.

マ ルチンも 東北来れば 独眼竜

(荒井共生中 学三年生





今回のキャンプには、約百名もの中高生たちが参加していました。 東北教区からは僕を入れて三人が参加しました。また、スタッフのうちの一人も東北教区の先生でした。

今回の宿泊場所であった「恵みシャレー軽井沢」は、とても空気が おいしくて、悩み事もすぐに吹き飛んでしまうような、神様の御恵みにあふれた「神の国」にいちばん近いような所でした。

キャンプ中のプログラムは、主に「ワークショップ」と「アクティ ビティ」の二種類でした。「ワークショップ」では、礼拝の司会や、手話賛美、聖書の中の話を題材にした劇など、三日目の礼拝に向けて グループごとに練習や準備を重ねていきました。僕は手話賛美の担当で、スタッフの先生方と共に、手話を学びながら楽しく練習すること ができました。礼拝では「ゴルゴタの風かおる丘で」を、思いが伝わるように賛美することができました。そして「アクティビティ」では 僕は室内遊びを選択していたのですが、人数の都合により映画鑑賞と合同になり、さらに僕以外全員女子だったので内容が「アクセサリー 作り」になってしまったのが残念です。(この後、旧軽井沢に散策に行ったので気分転換できました)

キャンプ中の礼拝では、塩谷直也(Shiotani Noya)先生や、堀岡満喜子(Horioka Makiko)先生の貴重なお話を聞くことができ、夜はYURIEさんの歌で心を 落ち着かせ、明日へのエネルギーを与えられました。

その他にも、同室の先生方と生徒で行う「グループミーティング」 で色々な事を語り合ったりしました。主に、小さな悩み事から、洗礼の希望の有無などの深い事までたくさんの事を語り合うことができ、 とても素敵な時間を過ごせました。

ちなみに、東北教区の四人は手作りの「独眼竜Dokugan Ryu(the One-Eyed Dragon)ルターRutherTシャツ」を着ていきました。背中には「リフォユース500 in 東北」と書きました。このTシャツはキャンプ中、先生方の間で大人気でした。


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