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【December 2016 No.390】14 Guests, including Missionaries, Attend the 2016 General Assembly


At the 40th Kyodan General Assembly, a total of 14 guests from both overseas and within Japan were officially introduced to the assembly at 5 pm on Oct. 25. Due to time limitation, those giving greetings were restricted to the chairpersons from overseas churches and Nishihara Renta, a member of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches (WCC). All the salutations were translated and printed beforehand, so the speakers made their presentations without oral translation. The persons who gave addresses were:


Rev. Dr. Lee Sung-Hee, general chairman of the

Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK),

Rev. Kwon Oh-Ryun, chairman of the Presbyterian

Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK),

Mr. Sudu Tada, chairman of the Presbyterian Church in

Taiwan (PCT), and

Nishihara Renta, a member of the WCC Central



The other guests introduced to the assembly were as follows:


Rev. Lyim Hong-Tiong, PCT general secretary,

Rev. Ng, Tiat-Gan, PCT executive secretary,

Kim Byung-Ho, missionary of the PCK,

Mrs. Kim Mi-Ja of the PROK,

Rev. Lim Choon-Shik, the Presbyterian Church USA’s

regional liaison for the Far East,

Rev. Chang Kokai Hikari of the United Methodist


Missionary Kawano Shinji of the United Church of


Rev. Ferdinand Kenning of the Evangelischen Kirche in


Rev. Kim Sung-Jae, general chairman of the Korean

Christian Church in Japan (KCCJ), and

Kobashi Koichi, chairman of the National Christian

Council in Japan (NCCJ).


After these introductions, Matsumoto Akihiro, the missionary sent by the Kyodan to the Singapore Japanese Christian Fellowship, gave his report. While overseas, especially in Southeast Asia, many Japanese people encounter Jesus Christ through such Japanese Christian fellowships. His report focused on how such new Christians who are baptized overseas can fit into churches in Japan once they return. It was the first time such a report by a missionary sent overseas by the Kyodan has been made at the assembly, and we hope to continue this practice from now on.


From 9:30 am Oct. 26, Akiyama Toru, chair of the Commission on Ecumenical Ministries, led a time of fellowship with the guests from overseas, then the guests were taken on a study tour to Yokohama. The main places we visited were Yokohama Kaigan Church of the Church of Christ in Japan (a separate denomination from the Kyodan) and the Yokohama Archives of History. Yokohama Kaigan Church was established in 1872 as the first Protestant church in Japan, and it is still an active church with about 200 congregants in Sunday worship. We listened to Pastor Ueyama Shuhei with great interest as he told the story of how eleven young men became the first Christians at a time when Christianity was still prohibited in Japan. (Tr. KY)

—Kato Makoto, executive secretary


加藤 誠


 第40回教団総会には国内外から14名の来賓をお招きし、25日午後5時から紹介と挨拶の時を持った。時間の都合で挨拶は海外の議長と世界教会協議会WCC(World Council of Churches)の西原廉太中央委員にお願いした。いただいた挨拶 文は全て翻訳されており、スピーチは通訳なしで行われた。挨拶いただいた方々は、リ・ソンヒ(Rev. Dr. Lee, Sung-Hee

)総会長(大韓イエス教長老会 The Presbyterian Church of Korea )、クォン・オリュン(Rev. Kwon Oh Ryun

)議 長(韓国基督長老教会The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea)、スドゥー・タダ(Sudu Tada)

議長(台湾基督長老教会The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan )、西原廉太中央委員(世界教会協議会)。加えて台湾基督長老教会PCTの(Rev. Lyim, Hong-Tiong)リム・ホンティオン

総幹事とン・テッカン(Rev. Ng, Tiat-Gan)幹事、大韓イエス教長老会PCKのキム・ビョンホ(Kim Byung-Ho)宣教師、韓国基督長老教会PROKの キム・ミジャ(Mrs. Kim, Mi Ja)氏、アメリカ合衆国長老教会The Presbyterian Church in the USA のリム・チュンシック(Rev. Lim, Choon Shik) Reginal Liaison for East Asia

東アジア担当幹事、合同メソジスト教会The United Methodist Church の小海光(Rev. Chan, Hikari Kokai)宣教師、カナダ合同教 会The United Church of Canada の川野真司(Kawano Shinji)宣教師、ドイツ福音主義教会Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland のフェルデナント・ケニング(Rev. Ferdinad Kenning)牧師、在日大韓基督教会Korean Christian Church in Japan KCCJのキム・ソンジェ(Rev. Dr. Kim, Sung-Jae)総会長、日本キリスト教協議会National Council of Churchの小橋孝一Kobashi Koichi議長が議場に紹介された。

後半ではシンガポール日本語キリスト教会(Singapore Japanese Christian Fellowship)に派遣されている松本章宏宣教師による宣教報告が行われた。海 外、特に東南アジアで数多くの日本人が主イエスと日本語教会を通じて出会っている。海外で受洗して帰国したキリスト者をどのように日 本の教会に根付かせるかが課題であるとの報告であった。教団総会で派遣宣教師の宣教報告が行われたのは今回が最初であり、今後も継続 してゆきたいと願っている。

26日は午前9時半から教団世界宣教委員会の秋山徹委員長が司会を務め、海外ゲストとの交 流の時を持った後、横浜にスタディツアーを行った。主な訪問先は日本キリスト教会・横浜海岸教会と横浜開港資料館である。横浜海岸教会は1872年に設立された日本で最初のプロテスタント教会である。現在も200名近い礼拝出席者が与えられているアクティブな教会である。上山修平牧師より当時の日本ではまだキリスト教が禁止されていた時代に、いかにして11名の青年が最初のキリスト者になったのか、という話を興味深く伺った。

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