【December 2015 No.385】General Assemblies of the PROK and PCK Attended

by Sasaki Michio, Kyodan vice-moderator


I was given the opportunity to attend the general assemblies of both The Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) and The Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) this past September. As both churches were celebrating their 100th anniversaries, it was a particularly auspicious time. Because the general assemblies of both churches overlapped, I could participate in both. I went to the PROK General Assembly at Youngghang Church in Wonju on Sept. 14 and 15 and then traveled to Sangdang Church in Cheongju to attend the PCK General Assembly on Sept. 16. Being 100th anniversary celebrations, there were many overseas guests at both events, with 60 at the PROK event and 80 at the PCK event. Both churches provided special programs for their guests, including workshops on nurturing the next generation of leadership, the issue of immigration in various regions, and reconciliation and unity. The themes at both general assemblies focused on the future of the worldwide church in light of its history up to this point.


Worship was a central part of both general assemblies, and the foreign guests were asked to participate in various ways, such as serving the elements at communion and giving greetings of peace. The worship services were indeed ones in which everyone participated. The centennial celebration worship service at the PCK General Assembly featured a choir of more than 700 people, which when added to those in the orchestra totaled about 800 performers praising God together with the congregation. The choir was made up of elders of local PCK church choirs from around the nation, and their combined voices were truly amazing. I was particularly moved by the procession of presbytery flags as they were marched in. In both cases, the celebration services were held in sanctuaries that could hold about 3,000 people, but due to the overflow crowds, additional seating had to be provided in other venues. Both general assemblies were carried out under the themes of peace, reconciliation, and unity, with these concepts being fully incorporated into the program and the sermons.


New moderators and vice-moderators were chosen at each general assembly, with Choi Pu-Ock and Kwon Oh-Ryun becoming the moderator and vice-moderator of the PROK and Chai Young-Nam and Lee Sung-Hee elected to those roles in the PCK. I was only able to listen to the proceedings at the PROK General Assembly for a short time, but I was impressed by the mutual trust and faith in God that the delegates showed even as they engaged in spirited debate.


As the distance between the locations of the two assemblies was rather far, it involved quite a bit of travel time, but I was also afforded the opportunity to visit some churches in the rural districts and to be exposed to the culture. I wish to express my deep appreciation to both churches, and I pray for God’s blessings on both of them. (Tr. KY)

「PROK/PCK総会出 席」


9月14-17日の日程で行われた 韓国基督教長老教会(PROK)と大韓イエス教長老会(PCK)のそれぞれ記念すべき第100回 総会に出席を許された。両教会の総会日程が重なっていたので、14-15日はウォンジュ(原州)ヨングァン教会で行われたPROK総会に出席し、16日 はチョンジュ(清州)のサンダン教会で行われたPCK総会に出席することと なった。第100回の記念総会であり、海外諸教会からのゲストもそれぞれの総 会で60名から80名 に上った。また両総会共にゲストのために特別なスケジュールを組み、次世代のリーダー育成、各地域での移民問題、和解と一致、等につ いてのワークショップを企画するなど工夫を凝らし、総会全体がこれまでの歴史を踏まえながら世界の教会の将来に向き合う内容となって いた。

また両総会の中心となる礼拝では海外諸教会からのゲストも様々な場面に用いられ、聖餐 式の配餐や平和の挨拶などにもあたり、全員で形作る礼拝の姿がそこにあった。PCK総 会の記念礼拝では総勢700人を越える聖歌隊が組まれ、オーケストラと合わせ ると約800人での賛美が為された。また全国からの長老で組織された聖歌隊の 歌声は素晴らしく、各老会旗の行進にも驚かされた。それぞれの記念礼拝は約3000人 を収容する礼拝堂で行われたが、人が溢れ、他会場も用意されたようであった。両教会共に平和、和解、一致というテーマを持った総会で あり、礼拝プログラムや礼拝説教にもその内容が豊かに盛られ、信仰の力に溢れた礼拝であった。

それぞれの総会で新しく選任された議長・副議長は、PROKがチェ・プオク議長、 クォン・オリュン副議長、PCKがチェ・ヨンナム議長、イ・ソンヒ副議長で あった。議事を取り扱う総会会場での傍聴もPROKで僅かの時間許されたが、 活発な発言が続く中、神への信仰と互いの信頼を基盤として議事が展開されており、感銘を受けた。

それぞれの総会会場が離れており、移動に時間も要したが、総会期間中に文化に触れる場 や農村部の教会訪問もあり、有意義な時となった。両教会に心から感謝し、主の祝福を祈るものである。(佐々木美知夫報)教団新報4829号より

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