Executive Council Focuses on Current Financial Concerns

The second Executive Council meeting of the 39th biennial Kyodan General Assembly period was a special session held on Feb. 10, 2015 at the Japan Evangelical Lutheran’s Tokyo Church, with 29 members in attendance.*


As this was an extraordinary meeting, there were only four agenda items: determining subsidies for evangelism, work on remodeling the Japan Christian Center building to bring it up to earthquake standards, the selection of an Executive Committee member, and continued relief efforts related to the East Japan earthquake.


At the beginning of the meeting, Moderator Ishibashi Hideo reported that a prayer meeting had taken place on January 29 on behalf of the Japanese hostages being held by ISIS in Syria. With respect to the subsidies for evangelism, applications were received from 14 districts. At the subcommittee meeting on Feb. 6, each application was reviewed and all were accepted, with the total subsidies for all of the programs amounting to 51,253,000 yen.

Of the total planned budget for the earthquake retrofitting of the Japan Christian Center building, which is expected to be 280 million yen, it was decided that the Kyodan’s upper limit for its portion of the cost would be 60 million yen but that it would also loan the building maintenance union an additional amount of up to 40 million yen.


Regarding the selection of a new Executive Committee member, Sugimori Yoko was chosen to replace a member who had resigned after being elected to the ten-member committee at the first Executive Council meeting. It was also decided to provide funds for the rebuilding of churches and parsonages that were damaged due to the East Japan Disaster in the form of loans totaling 200 million yen from the denomination’s church building fund, with repayment over a 15-year period. Executive Secretary Iijima Makoto reported that for fiscal years 2015 and 2016, a total of 350 million yen was budgeted for ongoing relief efforts, and loans would be necessary for that purpose. (Tr. TB)

—Kato Makoto, executive secretary

*Due to the limited space in the temporary headquarters building, this nearby church is sometimes rented.



本常議員会は臨時であるため、伝道交付金決定、日本キリスト教会館耐震工事、常任常議員選出、東日本救 援対策の4件のみの審議となった。




常任常議員選出に関しては、第1回常議員会で選出した常任常議員1名の辞退申し出を事情止む得ないものとして承認し、新たに杉森耀子(Sugimuri Yoko)常議員を選任した。常任常議員の定員は10名。


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